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Ways to Wear Shorts... Again!

The 𝑺𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒕 of it is we have more fun when we’re comfortable!

At A Styled State of Mind, lifestyle and comfort are key factors in building a wardrobe with intention that gets you excited about getting dressed for any occasion in confidence!

Whether you used to be a “shorts person” in your younger days but for a variety of reasons that we all come across as we hit the over 40 mark have stopped (Hello new obsession over our sagging knees!) or you’ve always wanted to wear them but felt you couldn’t, I encourage you to find a pair that works for your body shape and you’re comfortable in. Trust me, there’s a pair for you! It's about identifying your body shape and style personality to find the a pair you feel confident in wearing.

The one I’m featuring today is the classic Bermunda Short. Here's why they work as an option to get comfortable with shorts again. They:

  • Typically range from 5-9 inches in length

  • Can suit many body shapes depending on the proportions

  • Can be dressed up or down

Let me break it down for you with this chambray pair from Old Navy

This pair of Bermuda shorts are a great option to get comfortable with wearing shorts again. Depending on the size, they range between 5 and 5 3/4 inches in length covering most of the thigh. You can go even longer with pairs as long as 9 inches that hit you at the knee but you can see how these look here.

Depending on your body shape these shorts work as they can be paired with blouses, t-shirts, blazers and kimonos. So there are plenty of options to choose from to feel confident wearing shorts again.

And if you're aren't convinced yet, they can be worn so many ways! Dress them up or down. If you are sick and tired of being uncomfortable in the summer heat and typically stick to pants, try replacing your jeans or leggings on a hot summer day with these!

I know that for us women over 40, it's not an easy task to make peace with the parts of our bodies we've been programmed to believe are not ideal as we haven't been raised in the era of the body positivity movement. Seeing ourselves through that lense takes time as we have decades of rewiring negative and unrealistic body image messages to deal with everytime we want to step into our best selves!

Yes, wearing something like shorts again can be daunting, but learning how to dress in a way that expresses who you are, not what we've been told, sets an example for all of us to embrace different shapes and sizes and add to the normalization of normal bodies!

So, would you consider adding shorts to your wardrobe this spring/summer?

For more style inspiration, check out my @pinterest board for more ways to wear shorts this season.

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