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Lessons in Layering Over 40

Layering is such a beautiful way to let your outfit serve as an extension of your voice and your values. Knowing your body shape and style personality are key in selecting the perfect combinations amongst a sea of endless choice of print, patterns and texture.

However for this post I want to focus on the very practical elements of layering as they relate to what I call the wardrobe wellness connection. Over 40, layering not only serves as your visual calling card, it also serves a real practical purpose as our bodies go through changes that affect our body image and emotional well being. Layering can help you look and feel put together while managing physical and emotional changes.

Every level of layering in this outfit serves a purpose and pieces can be ditched or added as needed. Feeling bloated? Ditch the belt. Too hot? Toss the vest and layer only with the coat or vice versa! Each level of layering creates a sophisticated statement yet is comfortable and can be dialed up or down depending on the day!

Having pieces in your wardrobe that work together to build a wardrobe with intention, that you can pull out at a moments notice in order to accommodate how your body or mind is feeling on any given day will help you feel clothed in confidence as you go through your day in A Styled State of Mind.

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