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Shop with Ilana

Custom Shopping Videos

This is for you if you want to take the guess work out of to how to shop to create a wardrobe with intention.  In this custom video, Ilana curates a collection for you based on your personal profile and guides you through each piece for fit and style advice.  You receive your personal shopping video link via email and it allows you to click to shop as all items are directly linked! Click here to browse existing collections created for email subscribers to see what one looks like!

shop video screenshot2.PNG
shop video screenshot2.PNG

Shop By Product

With a click of a button, your items are collected for you to browse outside the video and are directly linked to the website by pressing "Buy". 

         Browse Videos

Click here to go to my shopping channel to browse existing collections!


         Inspired by My Style?

Click here to browse and shop my closet.

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