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From Closet Chaos to Calm

The pandemic has us confronting our closets with a more critical eye than ever before. Building what I refer to as a wardrobe with intention has taken on new importance as women are rediscovering their sense of style and have a desire to make more informed purchases. You may be overwhelmed with the state of your wardrobe right now as it is a mish mash of older versions of yourself coupled with loads of loungewear.

To create some distance from looking at a chaotic closet everyday and enjoy a moment of calm getting dressed here’s what you can do:

Create a capsule and set it aside and wear those pieces for now and use it as an opportunity to assess what pieces still bring you joy and convey the message you want to put out. A capsule refers to a group of pieces where all the items coordinate. You can mix and match everything. Here’s the formula:

  1. Survey your closet for the neutral colour you have a lot of and that’s your Base (eg-black)

  2. Next choose a complimentary neutral (eg-white or grey etc)

  3. Then choose an accent colour

  4. If you have-choose a print that works with your 3 colours above

The good news? Capsules can be any size depending on your needs. You only need 6 garments for 12 outfit combinations! So that’s 2 bottoms, 3 tops and 1 layer. Here's how 6 garments can create 6 outfits.

Keeping myself in #astyledstateofmind has helped me during some very dark times, and this year was no exception. Finding a moment of joy in the day to get dressed in a less stressful way and assess whether those items still reflect who you are or are working towards being is a powerful action that can have a lasting impact on how you go about your day that should not be underestimated!

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