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Yes, You Can Still Wear Your Skinny Jeans!

Don't feel like you need to toss your skinny jeans!

Ever since Gen Z declared skinny jeans and side parts to be the tell tale sign you’re considered “old” my Gen X and older counterparts are now second guessing their style choices as they don’t want to look “old”. The thing is though, we are older and that is cause for celebration! We've been through decades of managing our relationship with our bodies and are now at a stage where we want to feel confident in our clothes at any age!

“Age appropriate” is a term that I typically avoid when creating a style strategy for a client as how one expresses their age varies greatly from person to person however I will say this, nothing will age you faster than trying to hard look younger through clothing choices. There is a difference between dressing to try and look younger and dressing to look youthful at the age and stage you’re at. The former is a battle while the latter is freeing and skinny jeans are case in point!

There’s nothing wrong with trying new silhouettes to update your denim however hang on to those skinny jeans if they work for you! When looking for a great fitting pair of jeans it’s less about the style, whether they’re skinny jeans or not, and more about the features when deciding if a pair of jeans is right for you. Here are 3 key elements I teach my clients to consider when buying jeans:

1. The Yoke: This refers to the V-shape below the waist at the back of the jeans. Depending on the shape it can make your butt look amazing or create a shape that doesn’t even exist. Pay attention to the yoke and pocket placement when choosing jeans Skinny or otherwise. Depending on what you want to accomplish, this could help give you the illusion of either a smaller or larger derriere.

2. The wash and the whiskering: Watch for those lines that are supposed to make the jeans look worn in. They can add width where you aren’t looking to add or vice versa if you are looking to do so. For versatility, avoid trendy washes and opt for a medium to dark wash without holes. These could be dressed up or down. Add the best blouse or tunic type for your body shape and you have a relevant easy look.

3. The length and cut: Are you tall, average or petite? Are you short or long waisted? Consider these things when choosing jeans (and trousers) to ensure they fit as best they can. Typically a skinny jean should hit around the ankle bone for best length.

Finally, updating your skinny jeans with a great pair of timeless boots or booties, a great cape or coat is a great way to stay relevant while investing in timeless staples without having to ditch all your skinny jeans!

As we age it can definitely feel like it’s more difficult to stay current and relevant in our wardrobe choices, especially when it comes to jeans. Paying attention to the features that suit your

body shape best and being on trend as opposed to trendy will help you grow your confidence and keep you in A Styled State of Mind!

Please note the above content may contain affiliate links where I may receive a commission when you click and shop.

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