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A Skirt for All Seasons

Last Summer I picked up this beautiful Wayf Clothing Skirt with the hopes of being able to wear it. Almost a year later it’s finally making it’s debut!

In order to build a wardrobe with intention and get the most price per wear out of an item, I advise my clients to ask themselves “can I pair this with at least 3 items I already own?" when they are on their own and are tempted to fall into their old habits of buying more. In practise, more clothes equal less options as you are often overwhelmed with choice and are forced to make more decisions. More decisions leads to overwhelm. The fewer the options, the easier it is to choose what to wear. However, that means that each piece must earn a place in your wardrobe and be one that you feel great it. This skirt is a perfect example of a piece that can work for at least 5 levels of dress settings and 3 seasons. The bold animal print is an updated fresh take on a classic and the fit works well on many body shapes as there are no pleats.

Here I’ve paired it with a blouse and bootie for a business casual look. Throw on a black blazer for a more elevated look.

Swap out the booties for heels and the blouse for a camisole and the outfit is now appropriate for a night out.

For a casual outing or casual work setting pair it with a T- Shirt, denim jacket and white sneaker. It's great how a white sneaker is now a closet staple! I paired my classic Levi's denim jacket and a plain white T-Shirt for this everyday look.

In the late Summer and early Fall, swap out the sneakers for a suede boot and cream cashmere sweater and the skirt takes on a whole new vibe!

It’s safe to say that this skirt has definitely earned its place in my wardrobe! For more tips on how to shop with intention sign up for our Style Society newsletter here.

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