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How to Break up with Sweats

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

If your closet now has its fair share of tye dye sweat suits and other athleisurewear as a result of pandemic life read on because this one is for you!

My pre pandemic lifestyle both at work and home didn’t call for owning too much athleisure wear and I was in denial for many months that I needed to add a few pieces. However, the same principles of building a wardrobe with intention still applied. I looked for pieces that fit my style personality and that I could wear with at least 3 other items I already own in at least 3 different ways to carry me through into post pandemic life as cost per wear is always a factor to consider.

This tye dye sweat suit from old navy ticked all the boxes and opting for a more sophisticated colour in the gray allows for more versatility and a hint of sophistication (as far as tye dye goes!) that separates it from the traditional bright colours that are often associated with a more juvenile look.

The sweat suit looks great together to lounge around the house. Add a great layer and you have an easy update to wear when you need to throw something on to run an errand or pick up the kids. Broken up it makes for easy separates that can be worked in to existing wardrobe staples that can be worn casually perhaps even in a casual work setting as dress codes continue to evolve post pandemic.

The key to making this pandemic trend go further is to take stock of your wardrobe basics. A utility jacket, denim jacket, black denim jeans and white sneakers are all staples that should be invested in to give these trend pieces longevity before you’re ready to break up with your sweats. Of course it's about finding these basics in an iteration that work for your body type and style personality. If you struggle to find ways to wear any item more than 3 ways, this is a sign that you are lacking staples and have gaps in your wardrobe that should be addressed before you buy another trend piece or

shop without what I refer to as a style strategy.

For more wardrobe basics click here to download my 5 Wardrobe Essentials checklist for women over 40 to find out what else you need to feel clothed in confidence as you start each day in A Styled State of Mind!

This post contains affiliate links where I may make a small commission. All links are personal recommendations that I have researched for clients or own.

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