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How to Ease into Wearing Shorts

Summer can be a stressful dressing season for many women, especially over 40, as our bodies have and are changing and clothing layers are shed which means feeling more exposed. On the other hand, if you aren’t prepared to sizzle all summer in long layers and are ready to change the narrative, I’ve got an easy solution for you. Bermuda Shorts!

Bermuda shorts have been a trend that have gone in and out and fortunately they are currently very on trend and available at a variety of price points, retailers and styles. So if there ever was a great time to ease into wearing shorts again, this is the time to do it!

What’s great about this length is that there is ample coverage and can be worn in a variety of different ways to keep you feeling cool yet confident this summer.

The key to wearing these shorts is to keep 2 things in mind:

1. Your Height: Ensure you are wearing the best length for your height. There are differences in lengths of Bermuda shorts so see how they look on you. If you are petite (5”4 and under) opting for a shorter length so as not to make yourself appear shorter may be the way to go. Even if the shorts aren’t called “Bermuda” opting for a 5 inch length could create that look on you. Otherwise if the brand offers a Petite line, try that for comparison. For reference, I am 5”6 and am wearing the 7inch Bermuda.

2. Your Proportions: Second, keep in mind the length of your top/blouse in relation to your lower half so as not to create a shape you are not! A long-oversized shirt over a pair of Bermuda shorts could create the illusion of your shape being 2 rectangles creating the illusion of being shorter and wider than you are! By opting to keep the proportions in thirds (Top, Shorts, Bare Calves) you follow the proportions of your body. You can achieve this by pairing the shorts with a waist length blouse or by tucking your shirt in as seen below.

Throw on a blazer or sleeveless long vest for more coverage and you are set to feel confident and cool for any event this summer in A Styled State of Mind!

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